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Sellers of tickets are often times season ticket holders with better seats than may otherwise be available through single game purchases. Generally, they will be in section with other season ticket holders, so you will be among other fans rooting for the home team. Sellers have the added benefit of knowing that their tickets will be sold to fans of their school. Since we charge no listing fees on classified ads and only $2.00 per auction, odds are very good both seller and buyer will be far better off than purchasing tickets through a traditional ticket broker.


Sellers can list tickets for sale in two ways: 1- Classified Ad or Buy It Now (BIN). Simply fill out the ticket information and enter an asking price: 2- Auction – put your tickets up for auction to the highest bidder (details below). Classified Ads are free and Auctions are subject to a $2.00 per ticket listing fee, which applies only if you sell your tickets. All transactions are subject to our escrow policy.


Buyers can purchase Classified Ad listings at the Buy It Now (BIN) price or PM the seller with a lower offer. Buyers can also participate in auctions and bid the price they want to pay.  All transactions are subject to our escrow policy

Listing Types


These are normal American style auctions. The auction listing will show the current bid, the number of bids, the number of views, the handle of the current high bidder and the BIN price (if any).

Auctions follow these simple rules.

  • The reserve price may not be changed once it has been met.
  • The reserve price may be lowered but cannot be subsequently raised.
  • A Buy It Now price, if it exists, must be equal to or greater than the reserve price.
  • Both the Buy It Now price and the reserve price may be lowered, but neither may be changed to an amount lower than the highest accepted bid.
  • The listing will not publicly display whether or not the reserve price has been reached by an accepted bid.
  • If there are bids greater than or equal to the reserve price, the highest accepted bid is the winning bid.
  • If an auction is completed and the reserve price is not met, all accepted offers immediately expire.

Classified Ad (Buy It Now)

Classified Ads are legal offerings and as such are subject to contract law. You may cancel the listing unless the BIN price has been met, in which case you have a binding contract.

  • By launching a listing, you agree that in the event of a winning bid or when you accept an offer, your contact details will be provided to the other user.
  • The seller must have the right and good faith intention to sell the tickets listed in its entirety.
  • The seller must provide full details of the tickets for sale, and must not intentionally hide information from public view.
  • The seller is obligated to sell to the user who made the winning bid or offer.
  • A user making a winning bid or offer is obligated to buy for the amount of the winning bid or offer.


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To protect everyone, buyers will be required to pay for their tickets when purchased. The money will be paid to Carolina Online Marketing LLC who will hold the funds in a separate escrow account at BB&T. When tickets have been acknowledged as having been received by the buyer, we will release the funds to the seller either via PayPal, ACH or check.

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